Jeanne Robertson | Fabulously Funny

In Jeanne's latest video Fabulously Funny you'll find out what happens when Auburn gets a second chance, how Norma Rose became a creative salesperson, and the triumphs (but mostly trials) of Left Brain learning sign language.

Humorist Jeanne Robertson says that the most often asked question at this point in her
50+ year career is if she writes her own material. “Oh noooo,” she usually replies in her
deeply Southern accent. “It’s easier to just watch people and wait for the fabulously
funny stories to happen.”

You’ll hear the latest stories about the regular cast of characters you’ve met
on Jeanne’s first seven CDs/DVDs. Oh, yes, that includes her husband Jerry, a.k.a. “Left
Brain.” You’ll also meet new friends you will enjoy getting to know.

Produced by Elon University faculty, staff and students at the Historic Paramount
Theater in Burlington, NC. Special thanks to those who Jeanne knows personally and
those she has met in her travels who help her illustrate that if we keep our eyes and
ears open, we’ll find “fabulously funny” people and stories!

Also Available

Jeanne Robertson | Looking for Humor

Jeanne Robertson looks for humor and finds it. Best of all, she likes to share it! That’s why you may have heard her on SiriusXM’s Family Comedy Channels or seen one of her Youtube clips that have millions of views! You may have also seen her at one of the thousands of convention speeches she’s given through the years or attended one of her hilarious, one-woman theater shows.

On this video, you’ll meet new folks and hear the latest stories about the regular cast of characters you’ve grown to love on her first six videos. That includes, of course, her husband Jerry, a.k.a. “Left Brain.” Jeanne appreciates these folks and the unnamed people she encounters in her travels when she’s Looking for Humor.

Jeanne Robertson | Southern Style

"Southern Style" ( 58 minutes) Jeanne Robertson's "Southern Style" is to laugh at the funny things that happen (or don't happen) to her and to invite others to join in that laughter. She doesn't write humor. She lives it. Fortunately, she also shares it. Recorded before a fun-loving audience at Elon University, Elon, NC, Jeanne reminds us in her elegant yet down-home Southern Style to accept what we can't change about the people around us, look for the humor in our midst every day and keep smiling. 58 mins. plus 14 bonus minutes of outtakes!
After you've watched/heard "Southern Style," click here for Jeanne's and Left Brain's pound cake recipes. You'll need a swimming pool and helicopter to mix up Left Brain's.
Warning: Do not mix together. You'll blow up your house.

Jeanne Robertson | Flat Out Funny

“Jeanne, you’re flat-out funny.” That’s what an audience member proclaimed after hearing humorist Jeanne Robertson at one of her numerous speeches each year. And “flat-out funny” she is. Now, she delivers her special brand of flat-out funny humor to an enthusiastic audience at the historic Paramount Theater in Burlington, NC.

Jeanne has won every top honor in professional speaking, a career that evolved from giving more than 500 speeches during her year as Miss North Carolina, an obscenely long time ago. She’s been making people laugh since then. On this fifth video, she shares more stories from living and traveling with her husband Jerry, a.k.a. “LB” for “Left Brain” to running her large speaking business out of a tiny speaking office with her assistant Toni. But while the audience is holding their sides from laughter, Jeanne slips in some important reminders about accepting things we can’t change about the people around us, looking for humor in everyday experiences and finding humor in stressful situations.

Jeanne Robertson | Just For Fun

Humorist Jeanne Robertson looks for humor every day . . . just for fun! You might think that she does so in order to have plenty of hilarious material for her speeches and you would be correct, to a degree. But the truth is, after forty-five years of giving humorous speeches, looking for humor has become a way of life for this award-winning professional speaker.

On this program . . . Just for Fun! . . . Jeanne shares more humorous happenings she has seen when looking at herself, everyday situations and of course, her family. You’ll meet new folks - the weekend visitors from Ohio, the Mississippi and Alabama “Branches” of her family, thousands of women in a sea of purple and red, and people who do and do not speak southern. The regular cast of characters reappear, i.e., “Queen of the Tickets” Toni, Jane Tucker (from NYC!), “bestest” friend Norma Rose, grandsons Ryder and Gray and of course, husband Jerry, a.k.a. “Left Brain.”

Recorded by Elon University Television before a fun-loving crowd at the Paramount Theater in Burlington, NC. Special thanks to those Jeanne knows personally and those she met in her travels who appear in her stories . . . just for fun!

Jeanne Robertson | Talkin' Funny

Talkin' Funny" (59 minutes) In this presentation, 6'2" Jeanne is "talkin' funny" about what she sees occurring around her every day. In her distinctively North Carolina drawl, she reminds us that a sense of humor springs from our attitudes, not from where we live and certainly not from how we speak. Share the fun as Jeanne transcends the Mason-Dixon Line to put the accent on humor! Recorded before a humor-loving, enthusiastic audience at the Cavalcade of Comedy in Renfro Valley, Kentucky.

Jeanne Robertson | Not Just For Laughs

"Not Just for Laughs" Jeanne does it again! Another presentation that keeps the audience holding their sides and wiping tears of laughter from their eyes while she slips in some pretty important stuff. Filmed at Elon College in NC for broadcast on the North Carolina Center for Public Broadcasting. Hilarious beyond words!

Jeanne Robertson | Here She Is

Here She Is - Produced by Kentucky Educational Television before an enthusiastic audience at Renfro Valley, Kentucky. Jeanne rolls 'em in the aisles with favorite stories from her books and audio cassettes.